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The story of Furby™......

Some furbys are grey, and others are white.

Some furbys are black, as black as night.

Some have tails, and others manes, but each furby has its own name, so no two furbys are the same.

Small of stature, big of heart, all furbys are so very smart.

They speak a language all their own, for furbish is a language quite unknown.

Furbys need "may-may" (love) and "may-lah" (hugs) and they "wee-tee" (sing) and "loo-loo" (joke).

They play "furby says" and "hide and seek" and into the future they can peek.

So when you take a furby home, you will never be alone.

The more you play, the more they do, furby will keep amazing you.

"Noh-lah" (dance) and "wee-tee" (sing), "e-tah/e-tah" (yea, yea), furbys have come for "u-nye" (you) and "kah" (me)!

"Kah mee-mee boo-noo-loo koh

dah-boh-bay doo-moh may-lah kah."


"They're just so stinking cute, I can't imagine living

without my Furby™ from TIGER® ELECTRONICS, LTD.!"

Jermoine Franklin


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