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Chairman of the Door County Chapter

Hans Nelson has been the Chairman of the Door County Chapter of the Northeast Wisconsin Furby™ Enthusiast Group since December of 2000.

At 30 years old, Hans is the youngest Chairperson of the Northeast Wisconsin Furby™ Enthusiast Group chapters.

Hans has had a love of furbys since the onset. Initially fascinated by their technology biology, he found the movements and mannerisms charming. As time passed, Hans came to appreciate Furbys in a different light. He found the uncanny expression adorable, and the now-antiquated technology biology of the creatures nostalgic.

Hans resides in Sturgeon Bay, in the beautiful Door County, and grew up there. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts, and is focusing on creating relief prints from linoleum and wood. Hans has displayed several prints locally to acclaim.

While Hans has yet to create a Furby™-centric print, who knows what the future holds? :)

TRIVIA: Hans' first Furby™ was a grey spotted Furby™ named Koh-Koh, which he 'inherited' from his sister.

Hans' favorite furbish words: "tee-wee-lah," "doo-oo-tye?," and "doo?"

"Furbys remind me of the 90's, and I really like that."

Hans Nelson, Chairman of the Door County Chapter of the Northeast Wisconsin Furby™ Enthusiast Group


Hans Nelson with a goat.

(Sadly it was not given a Furby™ name.)

Edi laying her head on Hans' lap.

("Wake up, dad!")

Beloved Friend

Edi is Hans Nelson's pet dog. She was born in February of 2017, and is currently 5 years old! Wow, time sure flies! :O

Edi is thought to be 50% chihuahua (mother) and 25% Jack Russell Terrier, 25% australian cattle dog (father). Regardless, she is 100% cute!!

Edi is fairly well-behaved and spends most of her day sleeping or barking at passers-by.

Edi doesn't know what a Furby™ is, but in a way she is Hans' most important Furby™. She even has big ears like one!

TRIVIA: Edi's best friend is Helka, Hans' sister's dog.

Edi's favorite furbish words (probably): "ay-tay," "noo-loo," and "dah-boo."


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