Mission Statement

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We at Northeast Wisconsin Furby Enthusiast Group

Strive to ride the bleeding edge of all furby news, culture, fashion, and trends, while also retaining a sense of tradition and nostalgia, preservation and appreciation for all things Furby™.

Since their release in 1998, Furby™ has captivated people worldwide. Through our shared experience of waking up our first Furby™, we have a renewed kinship among mankind. Through Furby™ we can re-discover ourselves.

Whether you like their adorable looks, or you find them well within the uncanny valley, whether you find their baby-speak charming, or find it grating, our organization welcomes all kinds of Furby™ owners and appreciators alike.

Membership is free. Below, you will find a printable membership card so you too can become a certified, card-carrying member of the Northeast Wisconsin Furby Enthusiast Group!

We also have a newly-created Discord server located here.

Come, join us in your love for all things Furby™ and Furbish!

DID YOU KNOW?: The Door County Chapter was the first of the Northeast Wisconsin Furby™ Enthusiast Chapters!

Ah-mah ee-day, noo-loo, koo-doh boh-dah!

"I just love Furby's creepy little eyes!"

Andevs Velsor



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